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Quit Smoking? How's it going?

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    Quit Smoking? How's it going?

    Looks like the time has come for me to give up the gaspers, finally.
    A combination of health reasons and the fact that it is just too expensive.
    I just can't justify spending $30+ on a 25 gram packet of tobacco that only lasts 5 days .. that's $40 a week .. and I'm thinking that money can now be put into a seperate bank account for an overseas holiday.

    It has been 2 weeks and my lungs are feeling a lot better .. with no wheezing when hitting the sack at night .. can taste the first coffee I have after getting up much better, and feel as though I can breathe better and more deeply without the restriction and mucus ... which is good.

    Not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about rolling up and sucking on a cigarette .. especially with a coffee – only there aren't any in the house .. and no way am I going to go down to the Tobacco shop and spend $30 just to satisfy the urge to have a puff.

    Anyway .. how is it going for you folks?

    Taken the dive in the deep end yet? Planning on soon?
    How do you intend going about it?

    Share your experiences right here


    Bonjoir Atoute ! Prudence : rien de tel que les petits remontants pour descendre bien bas.


      what else ?
      ma signature, c'est la meilleure et picétout !

      arrêt alcool 5 decembre 2015, tabac 6 avril 2016


        Elizabeth Taylor is rich

        But she's mourrute
        La force du monde est de pouvoir recommencer à vivre sitôt passés les grands malheurs. Pas comme les hommes, qui ont inventé l’idée de destin pour se meurtrir à l’avance des autres malheurs à venir.


          Why not!
          Bien faire et laisser dire


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